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What Shall We Do If Coming Across Network Error on Instagram

Almost everyone who uses social platforms regularly may come across irritating network error messages and annoying glitches that make you feel frustrated. Instagram is of no exception. When you open the app or just check posts for a while, you may encounter a network error. Sometimes it seems like a random error which is very difficult to diagnose properly. 

What May Cause This

The network error may occur due to the following reasons.

  • Bad Internet connection. If you are in a place with low signal or far from your router, you’d better think about checking if you get reasonable signal. Also, check if there are other apps working, and then test the loading speed of your browser. 
  • Instagram sometimes cannot authenticate your device properly, especially when you are logging in using a new device. 
  • Instagram may come across a problem on the end. In this case, other users will also encounter similar issues. So, you can ask your friends to check on their computer to see if it is the case. 

How to fix the Instagram Network Error – 2018

Potential solutions

There are quite a few solutions to help you get Instagram working properly. 

  • Reopen your device. This will make sure that the app has fully closed and restart fresh when you turn on your device again.
  • If you think you are encountering a connection issue, you can move to a quite area, or you can just reset the router if at home. Keep in mind that you can open apps or load your browser to see if it is a problem. 
  • Ensure your app is the most updated, and reopen your device again. 
  • Check if there is further authentication available – if they provide a security question which you have not finish, you can add one to authenticate you Instagram account. 
  • Think about updating your password. This can help to make sure that nothing has gone wrong between the server and your device.

If none of the above solutions can help you to solve your problems, you could try to contact Instagram’s help and support team. This will help you diagnose the problem in details and fix accordingly. Keep in mind that you shall give them enough information about the issue you encountering, so they can solve as quick as possible. 

Instagram- Why should you try it?

Social Media as the name suggests is the digital media which let you be social. It is a technology which allows us to interact, share information, ideas etc. virtually. Use of social media is increasing day by day. Even if don’t have time to say Hi to our neighbours but we definitely are a regular good morning person on these medias. Instagram is one of these social media networks.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an App which allows you to share photos. Now with whom you want to share photos and whose pictures you are interested in is absolutely up to you. You can choose to view pictures of family and friends or you can follow anyone out of blue or famous personalities whomsoever you are interested in.

In other words it can also be described as grand album which tells a story. Through various pictures that people post you can learn about anything and everything you want without the shackles of language or religion, an interesting and fun way to learn about others interest.

Best Engaging Social Media App

Though there are various apps in the market, it has become the 2nd most engaging App in the field of Social Media. Engagement can be measured by analysing various factors like visibility of your post, commenting and sharing the same. You must be thinking what is so special about it and why is it so popular. Let’s take a brief insight into this:

  • Since it can be used exclusively on mobile, its usage is very simple with limited options and endless scroll to new stories. It shares pictures on the go and has a feel of sharing the moments, hence more popular.
  • It follows a square format, which is a candy to our eyes. Viewing all the pictures and posts in the square format is a treat to our visual senses. Visual Sense is the first thing that captures our attention hence now days it is used more for marketing.
  • This app has a unique feel to itself, which has attracted a younger base of audience ranging around their 30’s. Due to its novelty it has become quite popular.
  • It is multifunctional as in not limited to just one function. You can use it for business marketing, social media and connecting with others. It has better control over data you share, hence more security in comparison to some of the other social Media App.

Marketing on Instagram

Marketing your business through social media is in trend these days, but you can see a lot of brands preferring Instagram over other social media Apps to buy instagram photo likes to market their products. If you are an aspiring business personnel or are thinking to start one, this platform is must go for you. Here is why

  • There are around 800 million users of Instagram, who are actively using it in a month.
  • Almost 70-80% audience follow one or the other business.
  • It has a wide base of advertisements which are attractive to us.

Future of Instagram

It has a booming base of followers and is still growing. It is estimated that its client base would reach to around one billion users in a month. Since it has a simple outlay and is easy to use its popularity is growing beyond other social media networks.

So, if you are still thinking about whether to have an Instagram account. Even if you are a travel junkie, foodie, fitness freak or just a home maker you should just give it a go. Once started you would be engrossed into the world of Instagrammer!!