All One Would Want To Know About Twitter

Social Media has become so powerful over time that it has seen a massive wave of popularity and extreme growth of users. There are various platforms that help people connect with their friends, find new and cool people, keep themselves updated with their classes, and so much more. Every social media platform that has not gone extinct yet, has some unique-ness to itself. Not all of them can be or are used for the same sort of content, posts. They are radically different beneath the insignia of “Another-social-media-platform”.

Twitter is a social media platform that lets people connect through short messages or tweets. It is a micro blogging platform for the users to send in their whereabouts and updates about the situations in their places. This ability of Twitter where people can share content about their countries or cities, political or not, makes twitter more of a news portal with instant updates and instant sharing facilities. On Twitter, the users – common people – are their own journalists. Some people find twitter more trustworthy, owing to the fact that the messages relayed across the pool of followers come directly from the main source, unless the source is hacked, of course.

How did Twitter begin?

Twitter was designed in 2006 first as a basic free SMS service platform with integrated social media tools. When Facebook got popular first, Twitter was not even to be seen. The site suddenly started growing in the year 2007 and reached very close to where it is in between 2009 and 2010. Twitter had introduced a lot of new features by then. From introducing the concept of ‘followers’ instead of ‘friends’, to getting suggestions for new and cool people according to your preferences, to adding the photo sharing option, to making a mobile application for more convenience, to so much more.

What makes twitter different?

Twitter’s use for useful content was first made in the year 2009 when a picture of people disembarking a plane that was safely landed on a water body, was uploaded. The number of people that tried viewing this picture was so high that the site crashed, while the plane was safe. Jokes aside, this was when people also started sharing the pictures or just blogged information, of elections, of protests, of injuries, around the world, for the world. Twitter then slowly started transforming from a mere SMS site with apparent basic social media tools to something else altogether, to a news portal with journalists that had to hold no degree. Journalists of their own lives people are today, on Twitter.

Twitter does not only make space for people who post severe or serious content but also for people that post funny write-ups hourly or weekly or even yearly for that matter, for people who want to publicize their websites, for people to freely state their opinions on matters both political and nonpolitical, for people who just want to connect with others and keep themselves updated about the world in general.

Twitter, today, counts over 300 million active users from around the world. The best part about using Twitter is to just bump into smarter, funnier, cleverer, cooler people and learn about them while keeping ourselves aware of so much that is happening in the world. After all, 300M is a huge enough number for anyone to find at least 30 people smarter than themselves, just randomly.

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